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........ areas, as consultants to a range of institutions nationally and inter- nationally, and as facilitators of professional development contracts. One of the largest and most diverse institutions of its kind in the nation College provides a friendly, inclusive, learning environment where all take pride in learning and achievement.

         The primary mission of the College of Liberal Arts and Education is to prepare students to become knowledgeable, contributing citizens in a world of diverse cultures.

         The value of intellectual integrity and rigor; and, the importance of life-long learning as the basis for excellence in any endeavor. At both the undergraduate and graduate level, the curricula of the College emphasize the aesthetic, historical, ethical, and social interpretations of human existence, and encourage learning across disciplinary lines.

         We create a educational community of conscientious individuals, who have developed their artistic and professional talents to the highest degree, and who have an exalted sense of purpose in their lives, overcome odds and work in unison to bring about positive change in society.


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