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    Profile of Teaching Staff :

Year Joined
Desig- nation
Qualifi- cation
No. of Publications
National Journal
Inter- national Journal
Seminar & Con- ference
Dr. Jairam Singh 04.07.81 Reader (History) Ph.D. 05 25 02 20
Dr. Neelkant Tripathi 03.05.96 Reader (Sociology) Ph.D.        
Dr. Anant Vrat Pandey 10.09.01 Senior Lecturer (Sanskrit) Ph.D. 02 07   10
Dr. Suman Mohan 31.03.05 Lecturer (English) Ph.D.       09
Dr. Smt. Suman 27.05.06 Lecturer (Hindi) Ph.D.        
Km. Neeti Bhola 24.06.06 Lecturer (Education) NET        
Smt. Meera Yadav 03.02.09 Lecturer (Phys. Education) M.Phill/ NET       02
Dr. Jaishree Dwivedi 04.03.87 Lecturer (Home Science) Ph.D.       10


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